P47 wireless headphone-with excellent bass & high-quality audio

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CHIRAAGH offers P47 wireless headphone with maintaining high-quality level at reasonable lowest price.

P47 wireless headphone has come for Music lovers with sleek design and foldable feature which can be used to adjust it on your head in great position. Wireless headphone let you free your hands to be use to you all the time.

Now you don’t have to worry about your earphone falling off. Wireless means no wire which makes you free whether you are listening to music, working out in gym, jogging in morning, interaction with friends on social media; Facebook, twitter, tiktok and snapchat or doing some household work.

P47 wireless headphone specifications

  • Driver unit: 40mm diameter
  • Support Wireless 5.0 version downwards
  • Compatible with 5.0 version
  • Scope of work: 10meters
  • USB charging cable: AC Input 110-240VDC input 5V
  • Talk time: 6hours
  • Stand by time: up to 15hours
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
  • Noise reduction technology: DPS digital signal processor
  • Support A2DP function
  • AVRCP remote control capabilities
  • Support automatic switchover to incoming call function
  • With the end number redial function
  • Large and small volume abutment
  • Forward backward selections feature pause function
  • Compatible with ROHS standards


Do you work out daily in gym, don’t you? What will you do if call comes on your smartphone? You don’t pick smartphone with your hands, do you? your answer definitely will be “NO” because P47 wireless headphone has a feature of automatic switchover to incoming call which allow you to accept & reject call without touching your smartphone.

If you doing some exercise like working out in gym, running, jogging and cycling, it would not weigh you down because it has lighter weight.

One of the key advantages of P47 wireless headphone is noise filtration or cancellation. In today’s environment you can get disturbed by too much noise which make you irritate and you can’t listen your favorite music with regular headphone.

Wireless headphone provides excellent bass with high-quality audio which makes clear stereo sounds and make enjoyable experience for you. It is the pure and complete definition of clear sounds.

Wireless headphone allows you to change device without having change the cable. You just need to turn-on the Bluetooth of device.

P47 wireless headphone has come with an attention grabbing and fashionable design. Its design gives you sense of celebrity, athlete and model. Its battery last for 6 hours in talk-time and in standby for up to 15hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are P47 headphones good?

  • Yes, P47 headphones are good because it has come with attractive design & many features which fulfill the demand of users.
  1. How do you use P47 wireless headphones?

  • it’s very simple to use P47 wireless headphones, you just need to connect it with your smartphone or any Bluetooth device and enjoy music.
  1. How do you charge P47 wireless headphones?

  •  As it has USB powered feature, you can charge it with any mobile charger.    
  1. How do I connect my wireless headphones to my computer?

  •  go to start>setting> devices> Bluetooth & other devices > select Bluetooth or other device> Bluetooth and then click on done.
  1. How long do P47 wireless headphones last?

  •  its battery last for 6hours in talk-time and for up to 15hours in stand-by.
  1. What is the major benefit of wireless headphone?

  •  Major benefit of wireless headphone is that you can listen to music without any disturbance because it has noise filtration and cancellation. you don’t need to worry about falling off your earphone because of wire. it has come in five different colors; white, black, blue , red & green.


CHIRAAGH provides 7-days checking & exchange warranty to its customers.


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